About Us​

Liz Humphries MSN, RN, CNM, president and owner of Seasons of Life. 

“As a Nurse Midwife for many years, I found that life transitions offer families and individuals an opportunity to stretch and grow.  Families welcome new babies often with joy, and sometimes with heartache.  That same love of life transitions and the resilience of the human spirit, is what drew me into hospice and palliative care nursing. The final chapter of living, just as its beginning, is layered with grief and gratitude.  When one is able to make that journey with families and dying ones, it is a gift beyond all gifts.”


Liz provides Nurse Management when families are not available for all of the care and coordination needed for senior family members living at home.  Nurse Care Management allows clients to utilize the skills and expertise of an RN with 22 years of experience, including geriatric, hospice and home care. The service provides respite so families can enjoy being with their loved one, without worry. Care Management gives oversight, coordination, scheduling, transportation and attendance at clinic visits, and close, personalized management of care with the client’s healthcare team. Read More about Liz.